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Archive - Mar 19, 2012 - News Article

Local Physician and Nurse Join a Medical Mission to Ethiopia

March 19, 2012

NEWPORT, VT - Some people take time off to travel to tropical paradises such as Florida, the Caribbean, or Hawaii to relax and unwind. Larry Sisson, MD and his wife, Nancy Sisson, LPN, as well as two other friends in the medical community went on a 10-day trip in November, but it was far from a vacation.
The group traveled to the rural reaches of the African country of Ethiopia to provide the people of the impoverished nation with modern healthcare.

State Auditor Seeks New Fraud Laws

March 19, 2012

MONTPELIER – In its 2011 report on embezzlement, which was released this last January, Marquet International named Vermont first in the nation for Embezzlement Propensity Factor. The report states that Vermont topped the list of states with highest risk for loss due to embezzlement in 2011.
Vermont was followed by Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Montana, Virginia, Iowa and Idaho.


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