Barton Man Faces Six Counts of Child Molesting

NEWPORT CITY – Joshua Fontaine, 21, of Barton, is out on conditions after entering not guilty pleas to six felony charges of lewd and lascivious conduct with a child.On Feb. 3, 2012, someone told state police that Fontaine forced a friend to perform sexual acts on him.The purported victim told state police that Fontaine threatened her to get her to touch him. She got scared and did what Fontaine asked. The touching would end when the child told Fontaine that she didn’t feel comfortable and didn’t want to do it anymore. The child said this had been going on for two years, but she could remember things happening as far back as four years ago. She said Fontaine once touched her on the outside of her pants but didn’t sexually assault her.A family member told police that she thinks Fontaine is delayed mentally and didn’t understand his boundaries. The purported victim said Fontaine told her that if she told family members about what happened that he would kill himself.The girl said that Fontaine once walked in on her while she was getting ready to take a shower. She closed the door and locked it.One time Fontaine got angry with the child in a car when a friend started talking about how many boys' names she had in her phone. Fontaine told them to shut up because they were distracting him from driving. The child said that Fontaine was jealous and got angry. Later Fontaine stopped at a store to buy the girls candy as his way of apologizing.The girl said that Fontaine gets angry and punches a wall or something similar and make threats to kill himself when she refuses to touch him. When other family members come around, Fontaine acts normal again.Fontaine told police he was told not to speak to anyone without a lawyer. However, court records state he said he and his sister had inappropriate situation, but never had sex. He said the situation had been going on for 10 months to one year. Fontaine said he asked the girl to perform sexual acts, according to the affidavit.