Changes Come to LaPierre

NEWPORT CITY – Lapierre’s Decorating Center on East Main Street continues to grow, giving one more reason to shop local all year round.“We’re rearranging all the time,” said manager Meghan Davis. “We’re always bringing in new products in the flooring and paint department. Now we decided to bring in home decor and gifts.”“We added home decor give people additional reasons to stop in,” said Randy Davis who co-owns the store with his wife Valerie. “We like to have a nice variety and things you don’t see everywhere.”The Davis’ brought products made by well-known suppliers, items that they like and think that their customers will like. “We try to set up our displays to give people an idea how they may present things in their own home,” said Valerie. “We try to make it inspirational.”The Davises see their store as offering quality products. They have some Vermont made items like handmade pottery and Native American art and some American made items. The The Davis women said the store offers something for everyone.Bringing in new products is a true mother-daughter effort for Valerie and Meghan Davis.“We go to the shows together, we place our orders together and we set the displays together,” said Meghan Davis. They change the accessories in the store to match the season. “It’s a lot of fun and a real reflection of who we are. We pick things we both like. It’s a combination of both of our tastes and interests so there is a personal touch to it. We are thinking what the general people would like, but we put a lot of ourselves into it.”The mother-daughter team buys things they would put in their own home or buy for their friends and family homes. The family also offers consultation for home decorating. The Davises like to compliment items sold at other local stores. They are always expanding their product line and services and plan to continue the effort through 2012.