Co-Workers Go Head to Head to be Derby Tax Collector

DERBY - This year Derby has a contested race for delinquent tax collector. Derby Town Clerk Nicole Daigle has held the position for the last several years. This year her assistant Mary Ann Tetreault is vying for the position. Tetreault says that she wants to work with people and give them more options. Many people have suggested that Tetreault seek the position, Tetreault said, and she has decided to go for it. She said she knows that some other towns handle delinquent taxes a bit differently than Derby, and she wants to explore some of those options for the town.The town assesses an eight percent penalty on delinquent taxes. The penalty is in place to ensure that the town has the bulk of the money it needs to pay the school. The town must pay the school within 20 days after the vote.The eight percent penalty collected goes to the delinquent tax collector.Tetreault says she would donate half of the eight percent penalty to Derby organizations such as the Derby Lyons Club, libraries, or any other organization in town that would benefit.As the standing delinquent tax collector, Daigle says she enjoys the position and working with people who may fall behind. She works to helps to create a payment plan for those who are delinquent to get caught up. Daigle says she understands that times are tough and people may fall behind. She works with them for them for a period to time over a year before having to resort to a tax saleDaigle has been working for the Town for last 18 years.This year the town budget is $2,341,266, up $155,723 over last year’s budget. This year the highway department is requesting an additional $100,000 for a new truck for a total line of $140,000 for the highway equipment. The ambulance is asking for $73,365. Last year’s amount was $44,019.IROC is seeking an appropriation of $19,950, which will be voted on from the floor at Town Meeting. These funds would pay for Derby children to have a one-year membership to the facility. For the last couple of years, donors have paid for Derby children to have memberships.Derby Select board members Beula-Jean Shattuck and Brian Smith are up for re-election. Neither is facing opponents. Smith has served as the chairman of the board for the last several years.The Derby Elementary School budget is $4,965,235. Last year's school budget was $4,807,101.Derby Town Meeting is Monday, March 5, at 7 PM at the Derby Elementary School. Australian ballot voting will take place from 8 AM To 7 PM on Tuesday, March 6.