Community Rallies to Support IROC

DERBY - "We are pleased to report the following," Phil White, executive director of Indoor Recreation of Orleans County (IROC) wrote in the opening of his announcement regarding developments in the IROC funding situation.White reported that National Life donated the time of Fred Barnett, Director of Facility Operations, to assist in troubleshooting issues and general operations of the facility itself. He has identified the issues in the air exchange and de-humidification in the pool area of the facility. "We now have a plan for fixing them and have started the arrangements to do so," White wrote.White said that IROC also received information about a possible grant to cover the cost of refurbishing the pool area and installing an impermeable moisture barrier between the pool and other parts of the building. "We may have identified an inexpensive quick fix that may not be pretty but may be effective as a temporary solution."Since the fundraising efforts began two weeks ago, IROC has received over $30,000 in cash, pledges and debt write-offs. "We have a ways to go in order to get our goal of 100 $1,000 donors and 1,000 $100 donors before the end of the year," White wrote. "But we are off to a great start."Motorcycle enthusiasts from all over New England, New York and New Jersey will gather at Kingdom Thunder at Cedarwood Resort in Jay this weekend to support IROC. The barbecue and band Southern Comfort are open to the public for $20 on Saturday night. All proceeds will go to support IROC. Tickets are available at Cedarwood Resort in Jay and at IROC.A group of 12 marathon, open water swimmers have organized In Search of Memphre – an international, 26-mile swim the length of Lake Memphremagog. Their goal is make a simple statement in support of a more open border between the United States and Canada and to raise money for IROC. After one day of on-line fundraising, they have raised over $1,000. They are asking the public to make an on-line donation of anywhere from $10 to $100 to support the swim, to support a more open border, and to support IROC. You can find them online at from near and far who have participated in IROC’s running, biking, swimming, and triathlon events are starting to register for next year as a show of support. White has stated that the "out of building" events held by IROC, like the Dandelion Run, have generated significant income for IROC and continue to do so.White admitted that he had nothing new to report on the effort to obtain backing for refinancing through VEDA. "However, if we can’t obtain a single backer, we will be looking for a group of individuals willing to back portions of the loan. By breaking it down into more manageable amounts, we hope that individuals and organizations will be more able to help. In the end, VEDA refinancing and ultimately the elimination of our debt is the key to securing the long term survival of IROC," White wrote.