Do wind turbines harm property values?

LOWELL - A Lowell resident says his property has lost value because of its proximity to the wind turbine development on the ridgeline near his house. Kevin McGrath owns a home within a half of a mile of Green Mountain Power’s (GMP) Kingdom Community Wind development on Lowell Mountain. McGrath’s property is one of the closest to the turbines. He had just finished building his home and making his property just as he had always wanted when the turbine project began. He works out of the area and when he returns he is often disturbed by the noise, he said. The turbines are particularly loud when he sleeps in his loft with the windows open during the summer. He has ear plugs so he can get some sleep, but feels he shouldn’t have to live that way. Even when the windows are closed in the cooler months, McGrath has trouble sleeping with the sound coming from the turbines.Assessing property value can be a daunting task that must take into account many variables.Please see the Newport Daily Express Wednesday for the complete story.