IROC Trying to Thwart Foreclosure

DERBY, VT - It's no secret that IROC (Indoor Recreation of Orleans County) has had a struggle to establish itself and survive, especially in an economy that has dried up much of its funding and drained its supporters. Nevertheless, IROC has continued to offer much needed services to area communities. Few people want to see it go.But that is just what might happen, as the organization faces foreclosure proceedings from Community National Bank and Rural Development. While it has struggled to meet operating costs, IROC has not been able to pay the mortgage and now it sits, tied to the proverbial railroad tracks, waiting for either the train to strike or for a Dudley Do-Right to do right and rescue it.IROC owes $1.1 million with mortgage payments of $7,600 a month. The financial institutions are offering a one-time sale of the note to a third party for $800,000.According to a press release issued by executive director Phil White (see page 5), friends and supporters of IROC are forming a "working group" to raise the money and buy the note to secure the future of IROC."Some people may say it will take a miracle to save IROC. Some don’t believe in miracles. But we’ve seen too many of them not to believe. This can be done. We’ve come too far to fail now," White wrote in the release.In the meantime, this coming weekend is the Dandelion Run, beginning with the Dandy Dinner Friday at 6 PM. The "race" starts at 9 AM on Saturday.The solar panels are finally up and running, which means the pool water is no longer cold, but the air temp can get chilly so swimmers are advised to bring a robe.Anyone interested and willing to pledge their support and help with the fund raising effort should contact Phil White at 334-2421 or by e-mail at or any of the members of the board: Steve Abbott, Jennifer Nelson, Bobby Starr, or Amy Wolfe.