Library Pranksters Strike – Again!

BARTON/GLOVER - Surprise!The children's librarian and a volunteer were stunned Tuesday morning when they walked through the door of the Barton Public Library. Someone had been busy stacking chairs, ladders, and tables – on top of each other – almost to the ceiling. Even the potted tree made it to the top of a shelf.Included among the items moved was an antique victrola, which weighed so much, according to Library Director Toni Eubanks, that she knew a single perpetrator could not have done the job."It took two firefighters to retrieve the victrola," she said Wednesday.What's even more surprising, Eubanks noted, is that this is not the first time the library has been subject to pranksters, nor the only library that's been hit. The mischief makers hit the Glover Free Library the same night and did the same thing, said Eubanks, who is the Library Director in Glover as well.And in mid-May, Eubanks said, pranksters entered both the Barton and Glover libraries and rearranged the books. "They moved about 3,000 books," Eubanks said, referring to the Barton Library alone. "It took days to put stuff in order."Eubanks said her husband, library staff and volunteers were busy restoring order.Interestingly, police reported that no one forced entry into the buildings. Eubanks speculated that either the perpetrators had a key or they hid in the building somewhere until the library closed for the night."It's a pretty hard library to break into," she said of Barton.Eubanks said the first break-in happened only a few months after new locks were put on the doors.Nothing was damaged and the only thing stolen was the "date due" stamp, which was taken both times.