Long Bridge May Open by End of Year

NEWPORT CITY – Crews continue to rebuild the Long Bridge that may reopen to traffic by the end of the year, even if it's not quite finished. That was the word Wednesday from Francine Perkins, public relations officer for Reed & Reed Inc., the company working on the bridge.“The schedule moves around quite a bit with any kind of construction like this,” she said. “The bridge work may not be done, but they’ll get it to a point where they can hopefully get traffic on it.”For awhile, traffic will probably be one way while crews work on the bridge. “I can’t guarantee it will be two-way every day,” said Perkins. Personnel will likely control traffic. “There was no mention of a light.”As of Wednesday, Perkins said crews should have finished the peer on the Rail Road Square side and have started work on the peer on the Mt.Vernon Street side.In an effort to ease traffic congestion, two weeks ago crews worked on the traffic signals at the intersection of the Causeway and Gardner Park and the one at the intersection of the Causeway and the 1-91 Access Road, adding about $60,000 to the final cost of the project.Crews anticipate completing the work around August 2013.“I think it’s going good,” said Perkins. “They’re trying to manage as quickly as they can to get that back open to traffic.”