NOT SO FAST - Derby Town Clerk Not Ready to Leave

DERBY - Derby Town Clerk and Treasurer Nicole Daigle announced Monday that she is not yet ready to resign from her positions even though she has already started a new job. Daigle had been on the agenda to offer her resignation Monday, when the board would have been faced with appointing an interim clerk and treasurer until the March Town Meeting. Later, Daigle asked to be removed from the agenda, but the request came late and the item remained.Daigle has said she was leaving twice before, but her departure was apparently delayed. Chairman Brian Smith asked her to let him know when she would actually be gone.Daigle said she had not yet finished training her staff, which consists of her handpicked replacement, Faye Morin, assistant clerk and treasurer Nancy Gosselin, and assistant clerk and delinquent tax collector Mary Ann Tetreault. Daigle said she needed a few more weeks to complete the training and expects to be done at the end of August.Board member Karen Jenne said later that Daigle should have had her staff trained by now, given they had been there for many years.Daigle said, "I want to resign," even though several board members had urged her to stay on. When select board member Beula-Jean Shattuck asked Daigle who had urged her to say, Daigle declined to answer. Daigle also said she preferred to tender her resignation when the full board was present. Board member Laura Dolgin was absent from Monday's meeting.Daigle said she also wanted time to finish getting the town tax bills out. The following day, Gosselin, Morin and two children were busy in the office stuffing envelopes with the tax bills. Tetreault was not working that day as Daigle had cut Tetreault's hours and she is out of the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays.When board member Jenne asked when Daigle would be available to do an audit, which is customary when a town clerk and treasurer leaves, Daigle said the books would be open for inspection during business hours. Resident Vicky Lewis asked Daigle about bonding for the staff and interim replacement, which covers liability for the office in the event of a problem. Daigle said the bonding did not apply to her personally but to the office in general and she thought that would not be a problem.Last year, the Town of Irasburg was in a heated battle over providing bonding to clerk Linda Stone, after Stone and the board tangled over how she ran the office. That dispute lead to an extended civil case, which is still working its way through the courts.About 30 people showed up at the town clerk's offices to listen to what would happen next, including friends and family members of Daigle. The crowd was subdued and few questioned Daigle's decision.Resident Paul Prue commended Daigle for her 18 years of service to the Town of Derby.