Online Exclusive! Hryckiewicz's is Riding Strong

Ryan Hryckiewicz is finding success on the west coast, winning the first annual "Shoot The Moon" Event at the Mountain High Resort, just outside of Los Angeles, CA.Ryan, and the second place winner, Will Mayo, hopped in Mayo's car and hit the road, just days before the event."Approximately 4 or 5 hours of planning ahead went into it," Hyrckiewicz said.Upon their arrival, they visited with sponsors, competed in the event, and won.Hryckiewicz, and his Switch Back Rodeo 9, walked away with the win and $2,000 cash for the Men’s Open Snowboard Division.Mayo finished second.Upon his return to Colorado, he got some more good news."Got back to Colorado to find that I had also got a fullpage ad in the magazine Snowboard Colorado, along with another partial page in the same issue."Recently, Ryan has been hit with the injury bug, but with a community that is in tune with the human body, he is blessed with a good crew that has their friends in mind."The cool thing about the people you tend to be surrounded by in this sport, is that most of them tend to be, more or less, certified physical therapist," said Hryckiewicz. "You always bump into someone who has either had that injury, or know someone close to them that has had it. So they are walking encyclopedias of knowledge on the subject."While he rebounds from the injury, Ryan will review film from from a trip to Salt Lake City, and move on to the next event.Ryan will keep checking in from time to time, keeping us updated on what is going on the boarding circuit out west.