Rangers Getting Ready for 2011

With the start of the 2011 soccer campaign here, Varsity coach Tom Evans, is set to begin his 30th year at the helm of the Lake Region Program. This year’s Ranger team will look a lot different from the year before, 8 Seniors lost to graduation and 1 player returning home, to Spain, as a result of the Foreign Exchange Program. But, even with all of the changes, Coach Evans, will have 10 returning players, including his 5 seniors: Caleb Royer, Matt Morin, Tony Stuart, Kyle Perry, and Corey Whitten. Lake Region athletics is in the midst of a change this year, with all sports teams moving up to the Division 2 level, but Coach Evans didn’t feel that it would have too big an impact on his team. “Yes we are moving to Division 2, but we are staying in the Mountain League,” said Evans,“All of our opponents will look the same from the last couple of years. We picked up games against Lamoille and Peoples’, but we still play the normal teams such as: Enosburg, Fairfax, and Winooski.“We have a good core of returning players, they are going to have to be the nucleus as the other players develop their technical ability, and we are going to continue to develop as a team as the season moves along,” said Evans. “If we play to our ability, play technically sound soccer. And we play “Con Ganas Y Corazon” (team motto meaning “with heart and determination”) we will be just fine.”It will take a few more practices for Coach Evans to have his roster completely finalized, but the future looks bright for Lake Region Soccer. It is not an easy task playing to the expectations and standards that the teams from the last couple years have set at Lake Region. But, with Evans on the bench, Dan Cummings Jr. leading the Junior Varsity Program, and Jim Morin working with the Goaltenders, Lake Region soccer is well on its way to another great season. The Rangers open their season on Saturday, September 3rd, against the Oxbow Olympians. Game time is scheduled for 11:00 am.