“Thrilled” to Dance

ORLEANS – Students at Lake Region Union High School spent Monday and Tuesday learning the steps to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.Theresa Osborn, from Redmond, WA, who taught the dance to the students, said the dance is performed simultaneously around the world just before Halloween. Lake Region students who know the dance will have the opportunity to participate in future Thriller performances.The students are just starting their dance unit in physical educational class. Teacher Vince Buttice said the Thriller dance is challenging. It was also an opportunity for the students to learn from a professional instructor. One of Osborn’s teachers was Len Goodman, who is one of the judges on the popular television program Dancing with the Stars. Osborn said Goodman used to critique her dancing when she lived in London. Osborn is not shy about saying the Thriller dance is difficult to learn. “Being a dancing teacher, I know how to break it down,” she said. “I think everyone (the students) has it, some more than others, but everyone had fun.”Buttice said he thought Osborn intrigued the students and hopes one day to have her for a longer teaching period. Osborn is well versed in all types of dance. “As physical educators, we always try to enhance our units as we teach them,” said Buttice.Lake Region is the only Vermont school Osborn is presenting at now. Later this week, she will be traveling to schools elsewhere in New England before flying to Hong Kong on Saturday where she will be teaching the teachers at her dance studio.“I’m going to teach my teachers Zumba,” said Osborn.Student Tyler Vezina said the class was informative and difficult. “There were a lot of steps all at once,” he said.Tyrah Urie really liked the dance class and found it challenging. Urie is delighted she had an opportunity to learn steps partially choreographed by Michael Jackson. Urie said the dancing unit is better than playing team games. “I wish it were more than two days,” she said.Urie’s brother, Shaquille Urie, called the class fun.  “We’re pretty lucky we had someone who could come and teach us,” he said. “I loved that we could learn a dance from the greatest man, I thought, was alive,” added Stephanie Cook. “I loved Michael Jackson ever since I was young.”