NEWPORT CITY – If everything goes through, Vermonters are looking at a $102 million tax increase. That was the message Rep. Mike Marcotte of Coventry brought to Monday's Legislative Breakfast. According to Sen. Robert Starr of North Troy, one of the proposed taxes would have been on bottled beverages. A two-liter bottle of soda that sold for a $1.25 would have had a 60-cent tax. But, according to Marcotte, lawmakers replaced the law with a six percent sales tax. "I guess they figure we'll throw out something big and in the end we'll still increase it, but not so much, so it's easier to take," said Marcotte. A proposed gas tax means a 6.7-cent a gallon increase, something that Starr says many people can't afford. Vermont already collects nearly 20 cents in taxes on each gallon of gas.Marcotte, who owns a minimart that sells gas, said he doesn't know which way he will vote on the gas tax bill. He understands that everyone is having a hard time with expenses as it is now.For more of this story, see Tuesday's edition of The Newport Daily Express for March 19, 2013.