$20 Grand Raised in Soggy Duck Regatta

NEWPORT CITY – One could say Sunday’s rainy weather was the type that  would please a duck. This was a good thing for the Newport Rotary Club, as it held its annual Duck Regatta on the Clyde River. The owners of the first five small ducks to cross the finish line won cash prizes.Lapierre’s Decorating duck came in first place with a cool prize of a $1,000. Pierre Legacy's duck came in second, followed by ones owner by Bob Bigelow (who turned his money back to the club), Danielle Carpenter and Frank Chaput. Rotarians seemed pleased with the amount of duck tickets members sold at $5 each or three for $10. The unofficial tally was approximately $20,000. Money raised at the event benefits the local community.Co-chairman Donovan Quarmby said the Newport Club donates annually to the junior golf program at the Newport Country Club. The club will be donating money to the Vermonters who suffered a loss from Tropical Storm Irene. In the past, the club has donated to the track at North Country Union High School, the time clocks in the North Country gym, the Gateway Center and IROC.“The money helps us honor donation requests that come into us every week,” said Quarmby. “A lot of them are local, but we also do some things on the international level.”The club also sold large duck decoys to businesses at $100 each. This year, members sold 86; last year they sold 71. Quarmby said that this year the club made an extra effort to target businesses that never helped the club before. Business owners who did buy ducks had the option to decorate their birds. However, only about 20 to 30 actually did.Participants were to “Decorate Your Duck In a Way That Best Represents Your Business.” The ducks were judged at the annual Duck Tail Party, held at the Eastside Restaurant Friday evening. First place winner went to the Jay Focus Group who won $300. Second place went to the American Legion Auxiliary Post #76 of Barton, and third place went to Poulin Grain. The People’s Choice Award went to Animal Doctor. Some business owners put their ducks in the water. The first place winner of that race was Nadeau’s Plumbing and Heating.