Albany Hit By Heavy Flooding

ALBANY, VT - The storm on Tuesday afternoon whomped Albany with downed trees, power lines, and flooded pastures and roads. The Albany Volunteer Fire Department responded to several calls. A tree pulled down a power line near the Hayden House on Route 14. Phil, Jason, and Tim Rowell's pasture was flooded to the top of fence posts. The water spilled over the road and gushed down into a pasture on the other side with a loud sound of gushing water and newly made waterfalls. Debris, pieces of wood, and even green plastic Mountain Dew soda bottles were flushed out and rode the stew of mud. About a mile of road on Route 14 south of the village past the Hayden House was closed because of the high water and debris making it dangerous for motorists to get through. The water continued flooding while the electric department came to fix downed power lines.See photos on page 9.