Alex Giroux is the Kingdom’s Quiet Champion

NEWPORT–Alex Giroux is a good golfer.Actually, Alex Giroux is a very good golfer, but you would never know that if you sat down to talk with him.The soft-spoken fourteen year-old from Derby is one of the best young golfers in the state of Vermont, and he has back-to-back Vermont State Junior Stroke Play Championships to prove it.But he was so quiet about it, even the Newport Country Club's Head Pro Kim O'Neil didn't know he had won in 2011 until the 2012 tournament.But you don't just up and win titles, not in this game.I went up to the Newport Country Club on Tuesday, July 9th to speak with Alex and to see how he was able to become one of the state's top junior golfers.To see what he had to say, see the Express on 7-10-13.