Ambulance Service Seeks a Building of its Own

JAY – On Town Meeting Day next week, Missisquoi Valley Ambulance Service (MVAS) members plan to pitch the idea of constructing their own building to the communities they serve: Jay, Troy, North Troy, Lowell and Westfield. MVAS currently leases the former Jay Town Garage. It also leases space at the former Poulin Lumber Building in North Troy, but that is expected to end soon and members are moving out their equipment. Two or three years ago, the ambulance service purchased land near the Jay Volunteer Fire Department and Jay/Westfield Elementary School. However, it doesn’t have the funds to construct the building.John Engler, MVAS training officer, said MVAS has a couple of plans in mind. One is constructing part of the building and then waiting a couple of years before constructing the second part. Members would like to have two to three bays, a bunk area, a dayroom, classroom, storage area and training center. Right now training takes place at Engler’s business, the Woodshed Lodge, or at the Jay Community Center. “We’re kind of spread out all over the place,” said Engler. “We don’t have a one central place to keep everything together and have access to it at all times. We’re a small rural ambulance service and we’re trying to make things better for our community.”The size of the building would not be larger than 5,000 square feet, said MVAS President Scott Rappold. MVAS absolutely needs its own building. Rappold said next week’s presentation is for informational purposes only. MVAS members will probably not ask for assistance until next year’s town meeting.