The Annual Ritual of High School Proms

NEWPORT – Fantasy is in the air this time of year as high school students head to the prom, some as traditional couples and others, more recently, in groups of girls or guys.Lake Region Union High School’s prom was Saturday, May 14th at the Elks Club in Derby and North Country Union High School’s prom is in the gym Saturday, May 21st. The United Christian Academy held its senior banquet at the EastSide Restaurant Saturday.Prom is always a busy time for local merchants who have been working hard to make sure the weekend is memorable. Jill Gosselin, co-owner of Spates the Florist and Garden Center said, “Things are booming for the prom.” Overall, this is a busy time for Spates. “The whole month of May is a busy time, but the proms are almost like a miniature holiday,” said Gosselin. “I’ve seen an increase (in sales) over last year.”The young customers have been going online to find something special before they head to the stores, said Gosselin. She said the sooner the customer comes in, the better.