Barton Electric Awarded Grant For Feasibility Study

BARTON - A grant has been awarded to the Barton Electric Department for a feasibility study to see if a hydro plant can be constructed at the outlet of Crystal Lake. Historically, hydro dams were used by several manufacturers starting a couple of hundred years ago when Barton Landing was first settled. In addition the grant will be used to study Barton River flood resilience and water resources planning. The municipalities of Barton and Glover have endorsed the grant application.Project administrator Ed Helm is one of a cadre of citizens who are the driving force behind the push to harness hydro power in the Town of Barton. A Hydro Re-Examination Committee was created and after thoroughly researching the project, decided to move forward and ask the Barton Village trustees and Town of Barton select board to endorse the effort.Please see The Newport Daily Express Thursday for the complete story.