Brighton School in Lockdown as Police Search Suspected Meth Lab

BRIGHTON – Students and staff at Brighton Elementary School went under lockdown Friday while state police searched a nearby home for a methamphetamine (meth) lab.Essex County State’s Attorney Vince Illuzzi said that state police executed a search warrant at a home on Rail Road Street. The house, said Illuzzi, is located near the Vermont Department of Transportation Garage.“They were looking for evidence of a meth lab,” said Illuzzi. “Information was obtained that suggested people were going to drug stores in the region and buying Sudafed or pseudoephedrine,” which is used for the manufacture of meth.The Vermont Hazardous Materials Response Team responded to the scene because some of the materials used to make meth can be dangerous and there was a potential risk to police. Illuzzi, when asked if neighbors were ever in danger, said that meth labs are known to explode. “Some materials of interest were taken but they need to be analyzed to determine if they are chemicals used in the production of methamphetamine,” said Illuzzi, who didn’t know what exactly police found. “I don’t have an itemization list but they were taken back to Waterbury.”Police picked up one of the occupants inside of the house for an arrest warrant from Alabama and two others for questioning and one may have been detained. “The unusual thing about it is I never heard of a meth lab even being suspected in Essex County,” said Illuzzi.As of Sunday, there were no pending charges, however Illuzzi expects that to change. He hopes the federal government will prosecute the case. Illuzzi said the U.S. Attorney's Office has the staff and resources to handle such a case. Essex County has a small, part-time, prosecutor's office, Illuzzi said. However, Illuzzi said his office will be glad to prosecute the case.Meth is a highly addictive drug that can change the life for the person taking it.“We want to send a message that it won’t be condoned in this area,” said Illuzzi.Other agencies assisted.