NEWPORT - The Secretary of the Agency of Transportation delivered bad news to the House and Senate Transportation Committees last week by projecting a shortfall in funds necessary over the next five years to preserve the state's transportation infrastructure to achieve “good” status. A report created by the Committee on Transportation Funding estimates the state will require $698.3 million to provide the necessary funds to achieve a “good” repair status, which is much more than the $457 million in revenues that will be generated over the five-year period.Despite setting a standard of “good” as an overall goal, this standard means that up to 25% of Vermont's roads will be considered to be in “very poor” condition. The funding is also needed to maintain the state's bridges on a regular schedule, which is already problematic due to the damage caused a year and a half ago by Tropical Storm Irene.For more on this story and how it could impact local taxes, see the Newport Daily Express for Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2013.