Burglars Heist $10,000 in Weapons from Brighton Gun Shop

BRIGHTON, VT - Tyler Hebert was busy replacing a front window to his store on Tuesday afternoon, after a thief broke in during the early morning hours. Hebert said the alarm at the store was activated sometime after 3:30 a.m. and although police responded very quickly, the burglars were long gone. “Obviously they knew exactly what they wanted,” lamented Hebert.He said that it took only minutes for the determined thief or thieves to smash out a front window and snatch an item worth over $10,000 from a glass display case only a few feet from the front door. Hebert was reluctant to say exactly what was taken, but did reference a handgun. Nothing else in the store appeared to be missing, with several small caliber handguns still on the top shelf of the display. Behind the counter remains an array of shotguns and rifles of various calibers.With the exception of the broken glass in the front window, one wouldn't know anything had happened. Hebert said he spent the morning speaking with Vermont State Police Troopers and Brighton Police Chief Jeff Noyes, who responded immediately, and also an Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms officer. “By now that weapon is probably out of state. It looks like it was a professional job,” said the store owner. Though there are tenants in the apartments above the store, nobody heard anything. “It probably took less than two minutes, they were in and out, maybe even before the audible alarm sounded.” Hebert said he was impressed with the police response and asks anyone with any information about the crime to contact the State Police in Derby or Chief Noyes.In what police believe to be a related incident, state police and federal authorities are investigating a burglary of Rick’s Gun Shop in East Burke. According to Ruby Gorham, sectary of Rick's Gun Shop, someone forcibly broke into the store Monday night and stole seven handguns and money. Gorham didn't know the type of guns or what time the incident occurred.Staff Writer Christopher Roy contributed to this story.