Busy Summer for Dunlavey Academy Students

It has been a busy summer at Dunlavey’s Black Belt Academy, owned and operated by 7th Don Master Rick Dunlavey – highest ranking Master in the Northeast Kingdom. More than 40 of his Tae Kwon Do students participated in the Derby 4th of July Parade. The float, provided and driven by Gosselin Water Wells, held a host of Dragons (mostly aged 3-6) while the Tigers, adult students and family members, marched alongside. The students wowed the crowd with Kibon One throughout the route. Later in July, the school moved to a new location at 292 Shattuck Hill Road in Derby. They had outgrown their Union Street Newport location in just nine short months. The new location has allowed Dunlavey’s to accommodate all of the students on their waiting list. Summer Camp was held later in July at Lake Elmore. The intensive weekend of Tae Kwon Do training involved water workouts, guest seminars by visiting Masters and family fun. The summer has also seen a host of students earning new belts. Pictured above are the Dragons who were recently promoted. They were tested on their verbal knowledge, the five tenets of Tae Kwon Do, technical skills including kicking, sparring and board breaking