Calloway Held Without Bail

NEWPORT CITY – Dwayne Calloway, Jr., 28 of Newport City, pleaded not guilty to five different charges and is being held without bail. According to court records, charges include felony first degree aggravated domestic assault with a weapon, a misdemeanor charge of reckless endangerment, a misdemeanor charge of unlawful mischief, a felony charge of aggravated assault with a weapon and misdemeanor of operating a vehicle with a suspended license.Meanwhile, Alyssa Ciccarelli, 22 of Turns Falls, MA, Calloway's alleged former girlfriend, pleaded not guilty to a felony charge of accessory after the fact.Sgt. Nicholas Rivers of the Newport City Police Department wrote in an affidavit that at 11:44 p.m. on Aug. 3, Calloway’s mother, Bernadette Dewing, 45, called 911 because her son was intoxicated and was destroying her home with a machete. When Dewing confronted Calloway about his actions, he grabbed the machete and slammed it into the dresser, threatening her, she said. Dewing and her husband fled the home and went to the Newport Police Department.Rivers, Officer Charles Moulton and Sgt. Royce Lancaster went to Dewing’s residence but didn't find CallowayAt 12:33 a.m., Dewing again called 911 to report that Calloway was back at the home and made threats to her. Again, police were unable to locate Calloway. Dewing told Rivers that Calloway came through the front door, punched the refrigerator, grabbed her by the throat, pushed her into a chair, pulled a three-inch long pocket knife and threatened to kill her. Calloway then grabbed her by the hair, she said, threw her around and ripped out clumps of her hair. Calloway then allegedly pulled a pistol out of a gun cabinet and said, “Let’s see if this is loaded.” Dewing said the gun was empty.Dewing told policed that Calloway followed her to an upstairs bedroom and punched his way through the door with the gun. Once inside the bedroom Calloway pointed the gun at himself. Again, Dewing heard the gun click. Dewing told police she was able to calm Calloway enough so that she could get away.Rivers then spoke to 31-year-old Jared Pezzuto who is dating Calloway’s ex-girlfriend, Ciccarelli. Pezzuto said Ciccarelli was driving down Main Street when she spotted Calloway, pulled over, exited the vehicle, and approached a male she indicated to be Calloway. The male walked up to the passenger’s side window and put his fist through it while holding a knife. Pezzuto deflected the knife with a block he was holding in his hand. The attacker continued to punch Pezzuto and then went to the driver’s side and entered the vehicle and continued to punch Pezzuto.Pezzuto said that several other people began punching him through the broken passenger’s window until someone yelled for them to get out before the cops showed up. Pezzuto said Ciccarelli took the children and left with Calloway. Pezzuto said he was not sure if Ciccarelli left on her own free will or was forced.Court documents state that Pezzuto sustained a cut to his hand from the knife and several abrasions to his face. He was transported to North Country Hospital for his injuries.Later on, Dewing told police that she received a phone call from Calloway who told her she would never see her grandchildren again.Rivers tried to call a number where they thought he was hiding out but spoke to a woman who would not identify herself and denied knowing Calloway and Ciccarelli. At around 2:45 a.m., Calloway’s uncle came to the police department and was able to speak to Calloway by dialing the same number. Calloway said he knew he was in trouble and didn’t want the police to find him because he knew he’d be going to jail.Police reported that Calloway could be heard bragging about what happened on Main Street and how he assaulted Ciccarelli’s boyfriend. Dewing also showed Rivers a text message that she received earlier in the week where Calloway threatened to assault Puzzuto if he showed up in Newport.Rivers attempted to call the number Calloway previously called from and this time a woman denied knowing anything, but said she would attempt to locate Ciccarelli and have her go to the police department so Rivers knew she was alright and not being held against her will. A few moments later, Ciccarelli showed up at the police station with the children and indicated they were all fine. Ciccarelli said she knew nothing about what happened on Main Street and had very little contact with Calloway that night.Police were not able to locate Calloway until late Thursday, Aug 4. Police state that Calloway had consumed a large amount of alcohol and Percocets.Sgt. Seth DiSanto wrote in an affidavit that Ciccarelli said that she didn’t know where Calloway was and was shocked to hear about the incident. DiSanto said that as he continued to question Ciccarelli who indicated she had been at the incident and observed Calloway smash out the window of her car.DiSanto said he, Lancaster and Orleans County Sheriff Kirk Martin went to Union Street where Ciccarelli’s cousin met them at the door where they were told that Calloway wasn’t there and had left at 8 a.m. The cousin also said that Calloway and Ciccarelli were at the apartment together on the previous night.However, Calloway was taken into custody at the Union Street address. Calloway told DiSanto that both he and Ciccarelli had been at the address since the assault took place.DiSanto returned to the police station where again he met with Ciccarelli who still denied knowing where Calloway was. DiSanto told Ciccarelli that they located Calloway on Union Street and two people said that she and Calloway had been together. However, Ciccarelli said they were lying.