Cancer Survivor Beats the Odds to Have a Family

NEWPORT, VT - With the controversy surrounding Dr. Leslie Lockridge and North Country Hospital, many cancer patients and survivors have come forward to share their stories. One such person is Gabrielle Bolton, now 25, of Morgan.Gabrielle is recovering from Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She began her battle against cancer four years ago while she was expecting her first child, a boy, whom she and her partner Derik Sanville named Collin. Gabrielle is now in remission.Gabrielle had found a lump in her neck area and was experiencing other symptoms, including a strange feeling around her heart. Later doctors found a six-inch tumor in her chest. She became a patient of Dr. Leslie Lockridge.Gabrielle was at the Eastside Restaurant Thursday evening, when the hospital was holding their annual meeting, to show her support for the doctor whom she credits with saving her life. Gabrielle is concerned that the new doctors are not familiar with her case. “He [Lockridge] gives me hope and they are taking that away from me.”Lockridge encouraged Gabrielle and her family to live their lives and not worry about the cancer, as that was his job, said Kim Green, Bolton’s mother, who sat beside her daughter at the restaurant.During the interview, Green quickly presented a photo of her three grandchildren born to Gabrielle and Sanville, her face showing pride and care. Gabrielle, while in remission, became pregnant with twins. She gave birth to a girl and a boy named Caydence and Connor Sanville. The doctors did not think she would be able to conceive after her experience, said Gabrielle, but she did. The pregnancy and delivery proved to be a challenge but was successful, and all three children are healthy, Gabrielle said. Gabrielle expressed heartfelt warmth as she talked about her partner staying by her side through her struggle to beat the horrible disease.