Changes Coming to Post Office

ORLEANS/ESSEX COUNTIES - The United States Post Office has announced far-reaching new plans to streamline services to save millions of dollars and try to stay solvent. Among these changes are the termination of overnight delivery.There has been talk of suspending Saturday delivery and window and lobby services. Nationwide, post offices will be closed along with some distribution centers. Here in Vermont, there is talk of moving part of the distribution center at White River Junction to Burlington.One thing that will help during this holiday season is the the fact that many people go online to do their Christmas shopping, which means the items will have to be mailed to the purchaser. In addition, the cost of a stamp is due to increase to $0.45 after the New Year arrives.In a telephone interview Tuesday afternoon, Tom Rizzo, Director of the United States Postal Service Corporate Communications Office, offered an insight as to what can be expected in Vermont. He noted that there is a list of 14 post offices throughout the state that are scheduled to be studied and may potentially be closed.He further stated, "Studied means if we find it feasible to close the post office, that is exactly what we will recommend. The committee will make the final decision." Of the 14 post offices in question, there are none in Orleans County. However, there are two in Essex County, one at Beecher Falls and one at Gilman. They will be "studied" shortly.