By CHRISTOPHER ROYExpress Staff WriterNEWPORT CITY – Two familiar names will be on the ballot for alderman on Town Meeting Day. Denis Chenette and Dick Baraw are both running unopposed for their seats. Denis ChenetteChenette has served the council since 2009, prior to that he served on the Newport City Zoning Board for 25 years. He was also on a committee to encourage new business in the city. Chenette had not planned to seek re-election but had a change of heart when nobody else took out a petition to replace him. “I felt that I couldn’t very well leave the position open,” Chenette said. “That wouldn’t be right for the city council and it wouldn’t be right for the City of Newport.”Read more....Dick BarawBaraw has served on the council since 1997. His interest with city politics came after telling then council member Ken Magoon that he wanted to be involved with the city. Magoon ended up getting Baraw a seat on the Newport Zoning Board. Baraw served on that board for about 19 years until he retired from U.S. Customs, then he ran for city council.“I was interested in getting more involved,” recalled Baraw. Baraw is interested is seeing some of the proposed development that might come to the region and he has a lot of enthusiasm for Stenger’s plans to develop the greater Newport area. Read more of these interviews on page 3 of Tuesday's Newport Daily Express for Feb. 5, 2013.