Cougars Top Falcons 2-0

JERICHO– The North Country Boys soccer team had a tough go of it on Tuesday when thy fell to the Mount Mansfield Cougars 2-0 on the road.The Falcons battled hard for the the first 65 minutes before things came undone in the final fifteen minutes.An intentional handball inside the box lead to one of the Cougar goals, as Cody Simoneau got his hand on the ball. The call usually results in an automatic red card and an ejection for the remainder of the game, and it did.For Chris Bronson.That would be lucky break number one for Simoneau.Minutes later Simoneau was guarding the post and made contact with a MMU player and the player went down. Logan Fortier, in an act of sportsmanship, threw the ball out of bounds to get a stoppage of play.Initially there was no call, but after the refs conferenced a second red card was issued to the Falcons.... Ebin Fournier?I am sorry, but there is no way to confuse Fornier and Simoneau. Red hair vs blond hair, #13 vs #22, and noticeable difference in height make it might difficult to confuse the two, but hey, what do I know.Simoneau must have had someone looking out for him on Tuesday.Now Fornier has to sit for two games instead of Simoneau, and to top it all off, even the player that went down said there should have been no call on the play.Falcon Coach James McKenny says the team is working on the appeal process, but “still have to get ready for Thursday” against CVU.While the Falcons played 11 on 9 MMU tacked on an insurance goal to seal the win.As for the rest of the game, McKenny was pleased with his team’s efforts. They had some good chances early, including ones by Dylan Colombia and Chris Bronson, but were not able to capitalize on them.Now the team will ready themselves to host CVU this afternoon at 4:00, minus the services of Ebin Fournier