Council Considering Renovating Police Dept.

NEWPORT CITY - The Newport City Council is considering upgrading the municipal building.City Manager John Ward, Jr. told the council Monday evening that he and Newport Police Chief Seth DiSanto have been talking with local architect Mark Stewart. Ward said the “holding pen” on the lower level of the municipal building is an invitation for problems for the city, because it doesn’t meet current standards.“The police department would like a brand new building, but I told them it was out of the question,” said Ward. The goal is to expand the room for the police department while keeping the senior center that is also on the lower level of the building.“The only people who would have to vacate the building would be the ‘Do Drop in Center People.’ We need that space for the janitor.”The police department wants to use the current janitor’s space for the holding cells.Please see the Newport Daily Express Wednesday for the complete story.