Cumby’s Gets a Makeover

NEWPORT CITY – The Cumberland Farms Store on East Main Street is undergoing a renovation project that company officials say will meet the needs of the customers on the go.Kate Ngo, who does marketing strategy for the company, said Cumberland Farms is starting to implement a new plan after test marketing it at 50 of the 580 or so stores the company has.“It’s part of a whole new branding campaign,” she said. “We like to offer additional products and services to the customer.”When complete, the company will have various types of prepared food products.“We’re doing this because we’re trying to attract the customer,” said Ngo. “We know our customers are on the go and they’re looking for good value and convenient products and services.”Customers buying gas might also want to buy milk, lunch, coffee and a breakfast sandwich, Ngo said.The store will not completely close, which means the company will likely have a couple of gas pumps open and the store will offer items like gum, cigarettes, and the local newspaper. The goal, Ngo said, is to open as quickly as possible.Ngo could not narrow down how long the Newport project will take, but said other stores have taken about a month.During its grand openings, the company has donated 20 cents of every dispensed beverage to a group or organization. The goal is $1,000, but the last few ones have raised around $1,500. Anyone wishing to recommend an organization may contact Ngo at