DERBY - Someone broke into the Dailey Memorial Library in Derby over the weekend. State Police are investigating and urge anyone with information to contact them.When director Barbara Whitehall arrived at the library Sunday morning for a quick stop, it turned into anything but. She noticed right away that a window was shattered and the front door was unlocked. Apparently the perpetrator broke the window to reach around and unlock the door. But the burglar found more locked doors once inside. He or she walked up the stairs and tried to break through the door but was unsuccessful. However, the burglar went downstairs and was able to use enough force to violently break through that door. The doors and door frames around the library are damaged but library director Wyatt Moseley, who is also Whitehill’s go-to person, has repaired the area enough to hold until more work can be done. Whitehall said nothing is missing from the library.Whitehill said she suspects the intruder used the computer while in the library. The area was different from how it was left the night before with several things noticeably out of place. She also suspects something spooked the intruder because he or she left through the back door instead of the one used to gain access. The back door was also repeatedly hit or kicked when the burglar tried to leave.Whitehill said Monday the library has insurance and she anticipates it covering needed repairs. Library personnel are now working to further secure the building and planning to add security equipment.Whitehill and Moseley were busy Monday cleaning up the wood splintered throughout the building caused by the forced entry.The library will be open as usual at its regular time Tuesday.