Decision to Accept Donation for Derby School Hot Lunch Pending

Christopher Roy
Staff Writer

A parent of a Derby Elementary School student has been using social media to collect money for the lunch program. Jason Griffith said late last week that school officials asked him to remove the school's name off his online collection efforts. The on-line donations go into Griffith’s account and then he said he will cut a check to the school. As of Sunday, the amount listed on his site was $6,120 and it appeared donors could still contribute on the site called “Jason’s Hot Lunch Fundraiser for Local Elementary School.”
Jason Griffith started the collection initiative to help students whose families can't afford to pay for the hot lunch. He said he is concerned that students who can't afford to pay for hot lunch will receive a cold lunch instead.
"Kids are going to be able to tell something is different when they go to get a hot lunch but can't," Griffith said. "They are going to wonder why and won't understand."

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