Defendant’s Bail Lowered to $25K

NEWPORT CITY – Tuesday Judge Robert Bent held a West Burke man on $25,000 bail for allegedly chasing his former girlfriend, Diane Mansfield, down with his car and threatening to kill himself in front of her.William Wray, 47, faces a felony charge of burglary, misdemeanor charges of reckless endangerment, gross or negligence operation of a motor vehicle and domestic assault. Wray entered not guilty pleas on all charges.March 2, Wray allegedly broke into Mansfield’s house and waited for her to return home. Wray allegedly forced Mansfield to an upstairs bedroom where he displayed a gun and wanted Mansfield to watch him kill himself. Mansfield talked him out of it and Wray stayed the night. On Sunday, Wray allegedly started to make delusional statements and Mansfield told Wray to leave her alone. Mansfield said Wray harassed her with emails and left her 245 voice messages.March 5, Wray allegedly appeared in Mansfield’s bedroom where her son had fallen asleep. Mansfield sent her son into his sister’s bedroom and then went downstairs to call 911. Mansfield heard movement upstairs. There she met Wray coming down the stairs. Wray went to look at himself in a mirror where he said that his knife wouldn’t go far enough into his neck. Mansfield followed Wray back upstairs, but the two started to argue so she returned downstairs. Wray followed her. Wray left and Mansfield got back on 911 and told police where they could find him.Police took Wray to North Country Hospital where he spent the night before being transported to a mental health facility where he remained for eight days. On March 19, Mansfield was pulled over to make a phone call on RT 14 when Wray pulled up beside her, got out of his car and approached her. Mansfield said she took off and Wray followed her at a high rate of speed. She said he tried to make her stop by passing her vehicle and trying to block her with his, but an unidentified individual in a white truck blocked Wray's way and Mansfield was able to get to the State Police barracks in Derby.Wray was waiting for Mansfield in the lobby when she left the state police barracks to head to court and file for a relief from abuse order. Trooper Callie Field spoke to Wray at that time. Field said Wray admitted to using his vehicle to stop Mansfield because he wanted to talk to her.Wray was originally held on $75,000 bail but that amount was reduced at arraignment to $25,000.