Derby Man Raises And Races Huskies

DERBY - Growing up in Vermont with a Siberian husky has led Nathan Gratton on to a unique career path; breeding and running mixed-breed dogs for speed and endurance. “There’s no such breed as an Alaskan husky,” admits Gratton. “They are a mix of different breeds, starting with Siberian huskies, and then breeding them with German or English short hair pointers, or hounds.”Hounds are becoming more popular, according to Gratton, because they are fast. Mixing them with huskies can lead to a fast team with the endurance to run long distances. Ideally the dogs should weigh between 40 and 55 pounds. “Big dogs can’t go as fast for long periods of time,” states Gratton. “You want long, lean bodies.”Growing up in Vermont, Gratton said, he was more focused on winter sports such as skiing and snowmobiling. The family had dogs and he loves the Siberian husky breed, and eventually learned about the sport of mushing.Please see The Newport Daily Express Tuesday for the complete story.