Derby Residents Converge on Board Over Adult Toy Store

DERBY - There was standing room only at the Derby Select Board meeting Monday night, with people overflowing into the hallway. The hot topic of the night was the new adult novelty store on US 5 in Derby.Rick Dubois, a trustee for the Village of Derby Center, said those present want a bylaw amendment that would not allow a novelty shop, adult book store, adult video, adult entertainment, etc., and would restrict such enterprises to Derby’s industrial zone. Objectors also don’t want adult stores within 1000 feet of schools, libraries, churches, parks, day care centers, shopping plazas, restaurants or bus stops. They don’t want pornographic material displayed so it can be seen by anyone not inside the establishment. And they want precautions to stop minor children from entering the premises.The group, informally represented by Dubois and Emily Wheeler, presented a stack of petitions to that effect.No one spoke on behalf of the store.The select board said they would have to consult with their attorney about what to do with the issue.Chairman Brian Smith said he contacted related stores and said they reported that there were some protests at first but they’d had no problems since they’ve been open.Public input was limited to three minutes per person and about a dozen people spoke out against the shop.Dr. Richard O’Hara, an outspoken opponent of the store, sent a letter that was read but he wasn’t present.Residents said they were upset with the board because, “You’re public servants. You should let us know when this is going on. You need to serve us.”“We wouldn’t allow people to dump their garbage on our streets,” said Rev. John Genco. “We will not allow garbage in our streets to pollute the community.”