DERBY – A petition is now circulating around the Town of Derby calling for a special meeting to elect an interim town clerk and treasurer. Long-time Derby Town Clerk and Treasurer Nicole Daigle notified the select board in July that she had found a new job but planned to stay on in her position for a while to help with a transition. She also said she found someone to train for her duties so that, come election time, there would be a “viable, trained candidate." That person is Faye Morin of Derby. Morin is currently working in the town clerk’s office and Daigle works with her when she is not at her other job.Daigle was expected to resign a few weeks ago but was asked to stay a little longer to help with the office duties, and she agreed. She recently said Sept. 30 is her last day.Vicky Farrand-Lewis of Derby said in an interview that she was approached by other residents to help get a petition started. The petition is in no way “personal” toward Morin, Farrand-Lewis said, but added that Morin was brought in “under a cloud of controversy” in the town clerk’s office. She said Morin has every right to run for the position there should be an equal opportunity for other potential candidates.The atmosphere in the town clerk’s office has grown tense since Town Meeting Day, when Daigle lost her position as delinquent tax collector to her assistant, Mary Ann Tetreault. Soon after, Tetreault saw her hours cut from 40 to 16. Daigle said the cut was made due to a lack of work.Farrand–Lewis noted that town clerks cannot pick their successors and holding an election will allow other interested individuals to come forward. Farrand-Lewis says she is not aware of anyone interested in running for the position should the town receive enough signatures on the petition.When a vacancy occurs in the town clerk's office, the select board can appoint someone to the position until the next election or resdients could petition the select board to take other action.Derby Select Board Member Karen Jenne said that she supports an election. “I believe it’s the fair thing to do. It’s the democratic process,” she said.Petitions are available throughout the town and Farrand-Lewis said that anyone wishing to find out about signing the petition is welcome to call her.