DERBY LINE – Village trustees are discussing ways to replace some of the aging and small waterlines in the village following a report that the lines may hinder firefighters on Elm Street.Tuesday evening, Wayne Elliott, vice president of Aldrich and Elliott Engineering, lead the discussion. Derby Select Board Chair Brian Smith, selectman Steve Gendreau and village residents also attended the meeting.“We’re just getting into a study phase,” said Elliott, during a telephone interview Wednesday morning. He said they’re going to use a planning loan from the state water supply division to look at some alternatives to bring in a waterline. “We’re not recommending or proposing anything at this stage. We need to evaluate some options and look at property impacts and other kinds of things.”Project officials need to identify what the improvements are, where the waterline is going to go, the size of the line, the cost and funding options. The pipes in the village currently range from four inches to eight inches. The new lines have to follow new regulations, which is at least an eight-inch pipe. Project officials would be looking at two or three different locations, but the primary concern is the Derby Elementary School. At least one of the other locations might be the Main Street area.“Part of the study is we do a computer hydraulic model of the water system,” said Elliott. “Once we do that, we can run it on the existing conditions and then identify any deficient areas.”The project doesn’t necessarily mean existing homes will have to go on the new system, but some may go on the new line.“In some cases we may connect them to the new lines end up,” said Elliott. He also said the existing pipes could stay. “That is an option.”Trustee Chair Keith Beadle hopes to do the project sometime next year.“We're probably not going to have everything in place until next March or April,” said Beadle. “We have to have public meetings to vote on the issue.”Voters at the last annual meeting turned down an article to appropriate up to $100,000 for a study of the entire water system in Derby Line. Beadle thinks sentiments may have change ever since firefighters had low water pressure while fighting a fire on Elm Street this past summer. "It definitely needs to be done," said Beadle about replacing the waterline. If there was a fire at the school, the community would be in bad shape. "That same water line feeds the school and there wouldn't be the volume of water there to fight any kind of fire anymore than there was at the house that burnt."Elliott will visit with the trustees again in two to four weeks.