Derby Town Clerk Moving On

DERBY - Derby Town Clerk Nicole Daigle has accepted a job offer with a private company. Daigle’s plan is to train a person in her position. Come Town Meeting in March, Daigle will have fully prepared a viable candidate for the job and will not seek re-election. Daigle has worked for the town of Derby for 19 years and as town clerk for 18 years. She has also served as town treasurer and school treasurer for many years.Daigle also held the delinquent tax collector position beginning in 2006, but at last election in Mach, Daigle was challenged by her assistant Mary Ann Tetreault. During the race, Tetreault promised to give half of what is collected in penalties for late tax payments to Derby organizations. It was a close race, but Tetreault ended up winning by a couple of votes.Daigle says that it was the first time in 19 years she had to campaign for her position. She found the process exhausting for her and her family and does not want to go through it again. Daigle said she and her family want more job security and not the burden of having to campaign for her job every three years. It is difficult to have a job that her family depends on and suddenly it could all be gone in an election, she said.Daigle was offered a position as an administrative assistant with Land Vest. She finds the salary and benefits packages very attractive. Working for a private company, Daigle feels the move will give her a greater sense of security.Daigle has thoroughly enjoyed working for Derby and will not leave the town in a bind by just walking away. She feels strongly that she has an obligation to the town and will work on training the new person for as long as it takes.Right now is a very busy time in the municipal office, and Daigle will stay in the office until she is assured everything is in order, she said. Even though Daigle is starting her new job July 23, she will work around her schedule so she can also be at the Derby office.Chair of the Derby Select Board Brian Smith said Daigle was very valuable in her position as town clerk. “She is an asset for anyone, and has done a great job as town clerk, and is continuing to do a great job. She has assured me that the office will be run as it has and I have no reason to doubt her.”