Fan Fuels Fight

Express Staff WriterNEWPORT CITY – A dispute over a fan lead to a heated argument in Brownington on Oct. 12, 2011. In Orleans District Court on Tuesday, Jennifer Eldridge, 31, of Orleans entered a plea of not guilty to a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct.Trooper Erika Liss wrote in an affidavit that Daniel Greenwood, 36, also of Orleans, reported that his girlfriend, Eldridge, assaulted him. Eldridge told Liss that she and Greenwood got into an argument over the ownership of a fan. Eldridge said Greenwood cut the power cord off the fan and used it to strike her. Eldridge told police that Greenwood hit her in the head and kicked her, and that she was scared.Harmony Wilcox, who lived in the residence, told police that she didn’t witness the physical part of the altercation, but heard Eldridge screaming. Liss found Greenwood and Paul Drew on Railroad Street in Orleans. Court records state that Greenwood told police that he had been in Newport when Wilcox called him and told him that Eldridge was drunk and that he needed to return to the residence. Court records state Greenwood entered the residence and told Eldridge he would collect his belongings and leave. Greenwood said that Eldridge locked him out of their bedroom and said he had no belongings there.According to the affidavit, Greenwood got the fan and told Eldridge he was leaving. Greenwood said that Eldridge began pulling on the fan so he cut the cord, causing Eldridge to throw the fan. The fan struck him in the hand and Greenwood almost fell down the stairs.According to court records, Drew stated he was with Greenwood during the altercation. Drew said that Wilcox called because Eldridge was intoxicated and belligerent. Drew told police that Eldridge and Greenwood began to argue because Greenwood was leaving with the fan. Drew said that Greenwood cut the cord of the fan, causing Eldridge to throw it at him. Drew said that Eldridge slapped Greenwood and attempted to push him down the stairs.On Oct. 13, 2011, Wilcox again said she didn’t see the physical altercation but saw the fan when it crashed to the bottom of the stairs.Eldridge was released on conditions. If convicted she faces up to 60 days in prison, or a fine up to $500, or both.