Flood Waters Continue Assault

ORLEANS CO. – Flood waters were still rising Thursday following even more rain as rescue crews searched the area for stranded residents. Washouts were common and more rain is expected over the weekend, only not as bad as what we’ve seen so far. Sandbags were used to protect the Chamber of Commerce building on the Causeway in Newport, next to the flooded Gardner Park. Owners of camps and homes are holding their breath as flood waters surround their properties. According to some, this is the worst flooding they have ever seen.The Newport City Department was called to the 4-H Road in Derby to check on camps and houses. They used a boat to evacuate residents and shut off propane tanks.As late as 8 p.m., road, rescue and safety crews were reporting more closed roads, new washouts, roads that "aren't there anymore," clogged culverts and downed trees.