Flooding Halts Freight Trains

BARTON – Massive flooding in Northern Vermont stopped freight trains in their tracks Wednesday. Washouts left two sections of rail, their ties hanging from the tracks, dangling over washed out areas.In the Northeast Kingdom, flood waters undermined the tracks near the Barton River in Barton. Newport Airport manager Dan Gauvin spotted the washout in Barton as he did a flyover of the area. He called the Newport Express and the report was then passed on to Joe Flynn, Director of the Rail Division for VTrans, who thanked Gauvin for the information.Flynn said he was in a four-hour meeting Wednesday morning about flooding issues. All freight trains headed through the Kingdom were canceled. He said the second washout was near New Haven, VT.The Kingdom is served by the Washington County Railroad, part of the Vermont Rail System out of Burlington, VT. The New Haven area is served by another line.