Flooding Slams Northeast Kingdom

ORLEANS CO. – Tuesday’s heavy rains caused numerous roads to flood in the Northeast Kingdom. Local roads underwater include Route 5 between Newport City and Coventry and between Barton and Orleans as well as Route 100 just before Troy, the River Road between Orleans and Coventry, and numerous back dirt roads. Flooding also forced numerous schools to close throughout the state and more rain was expected. Mark Bosma, public information officer for Vermont Emergency Management (VEM), said some of the hardest hit areas were Cambridge and Johnson. The Beecher Falls Fire Department had to relocate its fire equipment because floodwaters threatened the fire station.“It was a flashflood that moved through there,” said Bosma of Beecher Falls. “I’m not sure what the cause of it was specifically. If something gave way or a river went up.”Bosma said VEM has not heard of any injuries but a number of people were displaced from their homes.