Former Trooper Arraigned on Sexual Assault Charge

NEWPORT – Mark Beezup, 55, of Derby, was arraigned in Orleans County Criminal Court Tuesday on two felonies: sexual assault–parental role, and lewd and lascivious conduct with a child.Beezup denied the charges and was released on conditions that he not have any contact with children under the age of 16, other than his own, per orders of the Department of Children and Families.Beezup was accused of sexual behavior by his girlfriend’s daughter, now 14, who claimed the incidents began when she was 12.Beezup lived with the girl and her mother for approximately six years.In addition to repeated accounts of physical contact, the girl alleged that Beezup took an inappropriate photo of her with his cell phone and then deleted it. She said he repeatedly asked her to pose for pictures but she refused.The acts took place while the girl’s mother was at work, the girl told authorities. Beezup was a Vermont State Trooper at the time.When questioned by police, Beezup adamantly denied all allegations. He told investigators that she must have just been angry with him as he was a strict parental figure.He agreed to give up his cell phone for a forensic search, but stated that his dog had chewed the phone. No inappropriate pictures were found on the phone. However, police concluded that a dog could not have made the marks on the phone. A search warrant was executed on the home where the alleged crimes were committed. During the examination of the home computer, it was discovered that someone logged in as “Mark” and reached several sites on deleting and recovering images off of cell phones.