Former Trooper Sentenced for Sexual Exploitation of a Minor

NEWPORT – Former Vermont State Trooper Mark Beezup, 54, was sentenced in Orleans Superior Court Criminal Division last week for sexually exploiting a minor. He was sentenced by Judge Robert Bent to 9 to 12 months, all suspended but 90 days. He will serve 30 days in jail on weekends and then 60 days on home confinement. Beezup will be on probation under standard and special conditions. The sentence began May 4. Beezup must attend sex offender treatment, register as a sex offender, and he must not seek certification as a law enforcement officer, according to the conditions.Beezup had denied the charges, but in March struck a deal with the state prior to standing trial. He pleaded guilty to a charge of sexual exploitation of a minor and two counts of prohibited acts, all misdemeanors. The original charges were sexual assault in a parental role and lewd and lascivious conduct with child.Beezup is accused of inappropriately touching the minor in his care from the time she was 12 years old and of taking an inappropriate photograph of her, according to court documents. The charges were originally denied by Beezup, but then he wrote a statement admitting to the claims, according to court records.The girl wrote a letter dated April 5 describing her feelings regarding the case.“A little over a year ago my life experienced a drastic change before I was ready to face it all.” She went on to write about telling her mother and how she could tell her mom didn’t want to hear it. “How angry she was, and how scared I was.”“I knew deep down she wouldn’t believe me and I was right.”That night, after the girl told her mother, she was dropped off at her grandmother’s house and her mother married Beezup within a week’s time, she said.“…I remember her always telling me she would stand by my side no matter what. That was a lie. She chose him over me, her own blood, and her daughter.”The girl went on to describe how much she has lost including many of her belongings and the relationships she thought she had with her mother and her younger siblings. “Yet she lets Mark around them of all people,” she wrote. She also talked about the struggles she has faced in school and having to change schools after she moved. But she says she is receiving support from other family members, friends, and a school counselor. She is also happy that Beezup pleaded guilty. She wrote, “The truth came out.”She also talked about the pain she felt when she saw her mother walk out of the court room by Beezup’s side.