Fortitude Fitness Systems Competes in Tough Mudder

WEST DOVER-On Saturday, August 10, 2013 a team of ten people representing Fortitude Fitness Systems in Derby and Lyndonville completed Tough Mudder New England at Mount Snow in West Dover, Vermont. I know this because I was a member of the team. I went into this event terrified I would not be able to finish and would let my team down. I finished the event knowing I had the strength and determination to accomplish anything.The website,, touts Tough Mudder as “a hardcore 10+ mile obstacle course race designed by British Special Forces”. Tough Mudder is not regarded so much as a race, but a challenge. The team that developed and sponsor Tough Mudder expect participants to help each other complete the course. In addition to promoting teamwork, Tough Mudder encourages participants to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project, The Wounded Warrior Project offers a variety of programs and services to “aid in brave Americans’ transition from service-connected injury to civilian life.” According to the Tough Mudder website, at this time over five million dollars has been raised by participants for the Wounded Warrior Project.Tough Mudder New England was an 11 mile course up and down Mount Snow with eighteen obstacles in addition to the mountain to challenge participants. The designers of these courses seem to have a sense of fun with obstacles named Funky Monkey, Electric Eel, Walk the Plank, Boa Constrictor and Kiss of Mud. My team members and I all agreed that the obstacles weren’t easy, but the hikes up and down the mountain were harder. All ten of us finished the race and sport the bruises and injuries to prove it. The end of the course provided the coveted orange headband, a chance for a free beer (if you were 21 or over) or water, a protein bar and a finisher t-shirt. To Logan, Angie, Deb, Carole, Katie, Sylvie, Hailey, Mark and Eric I offer my sincerest thanks for the encouragement and support. I raise my orange headband to all of you: we did it!