Four Arrested on Multiple Charges, Including Heroin

SweeneyBathalon GravesMcDonald
Staff Writer

The Newport Police Department arrested four people Thursday afternoon each one wanted on outstanding warrants according to a press release. They were arrested on various charges, including drug possession charges, following an incident that occurred Thursday afternoon. Police surrounded a home on the west side of town, but at the time were tight- lipped on what was going on. A press realse was issued later.
Jacob McDonald, 33, or Newport was arrested and charged with Possession of Heroin, Resisting Arrest and Violation of Conditions of Release.
Additionally, Rebecca Sweeney, 32, of Newport was arrested and charged with Obstruction of Justice and Resisting Arrest.
Jeremy Bathalon, 28, of Newport, of Newport and Juliana Graves, 47 of Newport, were each arrested on outstanding warrants for their arrest.
On Thursday, Nov. 9, at approximately 2:35 p.m., the Newport Police Department received a report that a female who appeared to have overdosed was being dragged out of the home at 22 Colodny Terrace and had been placed inside a white car by two males.
Upon arrival, officers located a white car pulling out from the rear of the home with two males inside. The driver of the vehicle allegedly told police he was unaware of anyone overdosing, however officers observed a bottle of the overdose reversal drug Narcan in the center console of the car.
During the course of their investigation, officers determined that McDonald appeared to be under the influence of drugs and gave answers that conflicted with those the driver gave when questioned by police, according to the statement.
Newport Police subsequently summoned a K9 officer, which indicated the presence of narcotics in or around the vehicle. Police report that both the driver and McDonald exited the car, and McDonald reached into his pockets and removed a clenched fist, which officers believed he was using to obscure items he had removed from his pocket.
According to police McDonald refused repeated commands to put his hands behind his back and began to struggle with officers. At that time, Sweeney appeared and began yelling at officers to leave McDonald alone and hindered their efforts to take him into custody police say. Officers were eventually able to subdue McDonald , and determined that he had allegeldy been holding heroin in his clenched hand.
Officers then attempted to take Sweeney into custody, but she also repeatedly resisted until officers were able to successfully place her under arrest.
Once the pair was secured, Newport Police determined that McDonald had allgedly been in possession of 10 bags of heroin and drug paraphernalia.
Sweeney was later released on conditions issued by the court while McDonald was held pending his release to a responsible adult deemed appropriate by the court.
After further investigation, police determined that the female originally reported to have been dragged out of the home had overdosed and was revived by Narcan prior to police arrival. A search warrant of the home conducted later yielded multiple potentially illicit substances which have been sent to the Vermont State Forensics Laboratory for further testing and evaluation, according to police.