NEWPORT - Brigadier General Jonathan Fornham, a candidate for the position of Vermont National Guard Adjutant General, met with area legislators while attending the Legislative Breakfast Monday morning. Former Adjutant General Michael Dubie resigned from the position last summer and the post has been filled by his deputy until the legislature chooses a new leader. Vermont's method of choosing the head of the State's National Guard is unique as the post is filled by a vote of the combined Senate and House of Representatives. No other state in the union uses this process to elect an adjunct general for a two-year term.Fornham said he is “running on my background, my leadership and management experiences; which makes me the preferred candidate. I want to be in a position to face challenges in the future the Guard will face.”A career Army National Guard officer of 34 years, Fornham joined the guard at the age of 17 and spent 28 years as a full time member. He has held command at every level required as he worked his way up through the ranks.He spent the past ten years in several capacities, starting with serving at the Pentagon as an Army Congressional Fellow working on army and veterans issues with Congress. Fornham then worked in senior management under former Adjutant Generals Martha Rainville and Michael Dubie, followed by ten months in 2010 in Afghanistan, where he worked with the Afghan Development and Assistance Bureau monitoring and measuring progress of the army and police forces. Fornham returned to Vermont following his deployment, convinced that their army is well developed and believing they can keep the country stable. For more of this story, read the Newport Daily Express for Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2013.