Gone Fishing

NEWPORT CITY – The secret is about to get out: Lake Memphremagog has great fishing for families. Lake Region Fishing is looking at filming on the international lake.Vermont’s North Country Chamber of Commerce has collaborated with the Newport City Renaissance Corporation and Northeast Kingdom Travel and Tourism Association to lure the nationally recognized television program to the region.The Sportsman's Channel, Fox 44 out of Burlington, and the Internet have carried the Lake Region Fishing program, which likes to focus its attention on New York and Vermont. So far, the show has paid more attention to northern New York. When the program will film on the lake has not been determined, but show officials would like to do it sooner than later.“We like to be able to pull it off this year,” said director and co-producer Ray LaRocque. “Everything we’re filming now won’t air until next year.”Before the program films here, the community needs chamber member support and financial support, according to Donna Higgons, executive director of Vermont’s North Country Chamber of Commerce. This includes a $5,000 fee to help cover expenses. Revenue from the show itself comes from advertisers. So far, no money has come forward.The show, aimed at families instead of tournament fishing, provides vacation trips to the viewer. “When we fish an area, we talk about the amenities and the special attractions,” said LaRocque. “We answer the question that is obvious. ‘Is this a place I want to take my family?’"The program has a contract with at least two air times, said LaRocque. “The evidence in the video we shot is that this is a beautiful area to come to.” He said the program encourages conservation.The program will attract people to the area who enjoy a more relaxed way of life, Higgons said.The program also has a health tip and cooking segment on every program, which Higgons hopes will be able to feature local physicians.