GOP Candidate Wants Bernie’s Job

NEWPORT – John MacGovern, a Republican from Windsor, is vying for the U.S Senate seat held by Bernie Sanders.MacGovern is travelling around Vermont and meeting with farmers to hear about their concerns and about the challenges they face, and is working towards solutions.MacGovern grew up on a New England dairy farm, but says today's farmers are facing different problems from the past. The most common concerns he has heard are problems with labor, the high cost of grain, and other rising costs.MacGovern met with Dan Royer and Adam Moulton Tuesday morning in Newport Center. MacGovern and his campaign manager have travelled to more than 25 farms.MacGovern is a proponent of welfare reform and regularizing work programs.MacGovern graduated from Dartmouth College in 1980 and served four consecutive terms in the Massachusetts legislature. He started his own company to help other businesses grow and settled in Vermont in the 1990s.MacGovern's platform consists of four major issues: economy, constitutional rights, environment and energy, and national debt. He is particularly invested in protecting the Second Amendment and insuring government does not abridge the Bill of Rights. He is opposed to Obamacare, stating that it imposes an extra tax. He opposes subsidies for industrial wind and states that we pay twice as much in interest on the federal debt than we do for Veterans Affairs and Education combined.(Note: The Department of Veterans Affairs, as of 2010, comprised 1.48% of the budget, and the Department of education comprised 1.32%.)